What a Fasting Diet Can

 More research is needed, but some studies suggest that cutting off or limiting food intake for a period of time can have a number of health benefits.

Google "Fasting for Health" and you will get 6.3 million visits, from doctors recommending it for a variety of diseases, to spas that promise detox vacations without food, to bloggers who say that Fasting she does. Feeling clearer mentally and fitter, and increasingly fitness professionals promoting diets that include fasting as a method of weight loss. But does medical research really support these claims?

Every day, organs like the liver, kidney, and spleen work to remove and neutralize toxins from the body to keep our cells healthy, says Dr. David Katz, MPH, director of the university's Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center. from Yale in New Haven, Connecticut. "When you fast, you remove extra toxins from your diet," says Dr. Katz, "and that has potential biological benefits."

"Potential" is the key word. While a growing body of research suggests that intermittent fasting can have health benefits, much of the evidence is far from conclusive, and there is still a lot of unknowns about how a fasting or intermittent fasting diet could affect our bodies, especially on long term. finished.