Many Nuts and Seeds

 There is a lot of media coverage right now about the health benefits of nuts and seeds. Food is believed to do everything from losing weight to protecting against cancer. Now it is true that nuts and seeds are high in essential vitamins and minerals. And while they're very high in fat, it's mostly healthy unsaturated fats that can help lower cholesterol and fight heart disease.

There can definitely be too many good things when it comes to seeds and nuts, however, and this level is easy to match and beat. The effects of excesses are uncomfortable in the short term and downright dangerous in the long term. Let's take a look at what's happening. Some of these negate why you choose to eat nuts and seeds in the first place!

Many studies suggest that eating nuts and seeds can help you lose weight. And you can, but only in very limited amounts and in conjunction with a complete diet and exercise program. Nuts are particularly high in fat, and while most of the fat is unsaturated, it still means a high calorie load. If you eat too many nuts, you will surely gain weight rather than lose weight.

If you are planning on adding nuts or seeds to your weight loss plan, it is important to compensate for this by reducing the number of calories you eat elsewhere. This isn't one of those healthy snacks that you can forget about without changing your diet.